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Why Weatherize your home?

Your house is a system, and if there are flaws to that system, you will literally pay the price through high utility costs. Those flaws include leaks in the home that allow air to escape to the outside. Some examples are wire gaps, plumbing gaps, chimney chases and wall plates. In some cases, the total air loss can be equivalent to having a window open all year round! One of our main focuses is to seal those penetrations using foam and other rated materials. This will drastically save you money and make your home more energy efficient.

How do we Insulate your home?

Now that we have air sealed the home, we look at the existing insulation. Heat rises to the attic making it the most important area to insulate. If the insulation is inadequate through conductivity, it allows the heat to escape very quickly.  Did you know most homes built before the year 2010 need more insulation? Sometimes as much as double in height what is existing.  Another main focus of ours is to increase the depth of insulation using eco-friendly materials and state-of-the-art blowing machine.


We do blown-in cellulose insulation. Using only the top brands in weatherization with the latest equipment!

Professional carpentry work in the Attic, Attic Vents, Bath Vents, Propavents, Hatch Covers, and more!

Air-sealing is one of the most effective steps in the weatherization process. It is important to limit the drafts in the house for energy efficiency.

We use state of the art Blower Door Test and CO Testing to measure results of our work and to ensure the safety of the home.


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